Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lack of Dynamic Movement!

Here is what I think.
And it ain’t pretty…
Training these days has been reduced to isolation.

A hamstring curl, a leg extension, and a calf raise machine all wait for the next client.

And they should wait (and collect dust) because a squat is far superior for complete leg strength. Hands down.

It blows my mind… that’s not quite right… it bothers me, that I, at a ripe old age, can move better than teenagers I have had the opportunity to train. It bothers me that I am more flexible than every teenager that I have ever met… to this day. I know they are out there.

Full disclosure: I am not saying I am a better athlete! (Not by a long shot!) There are lots of things these athletes can do better than me. But moving smoothly, changing direction fluidly and flexibility are not those things.

Sure it’s my job to be in shape and to have pretty good flexibility. But I shouldn’t have such an upper hand on so many.

And that is my point: why so few?

Well here is a kettle of fish. It’s partly because there has never been a more sedate generation. When they do go to the gym they are most likely met with a trainer who’s idea of “leg training” is hitting the leg curl, leg extension and calf raise machines. (Scary!) A little bit because flexibility is quite undervalued.

So little time is spent on dynamic movement. And I don’t mean gymnastics. More like chasing, climbing, jumping, crawling.

When an adult joins my class it is immediately apparent whether or not they were active as a kid. I can even take a pretty good guess at what they played or martial art they took. Just by their ability to move, change direction and range of movement they still possess.

The good news: we are a pretty trainable bunch. With some time and attention a lot can be overcome.

This is from a complete thought but I just had to say this much. There is more to follow, you can be sure.

In the meantime, move and be healthy. And while you’re at it, have some fun!

Have a great day.


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