Thursday, February 5, 2009

This Year is Moving Fast...

Ok, here is your fair warning.. 10% of the year is done.

Are you 10% closer to your goals.

Are you 10% wealthier?

Are you 10% closer to your weight goals?

What is your plan to achieve your goals over the other 90% of the

Seems like a long time doesn't it. But think back to the goals you
had at the beginning of last year. How many things did you achieve?

So many times we wait ourselves out of success. Time to kick that
habit in the butt. Start today.

Take a moment to write down three goals for this year. For each
write down the three main things you have to do to make them

Of those nine items, do one today. Start now!
My suggestion? Start becoming more active today. It is the one
thing certain to raise your energy levels and make you more likely
to get up tomorrow alert and ready to start the new day and tackle
task #2!

Ok, hop to it. Show everybody how it is supposed to be done.

Have a great day. I can't wait to hear about the

In health,


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